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Prototype Printing

(1-100 parts)

Manufacture your parts today. Quickly and cost effectively turn your concepts into physical parts.

Production Printing

(100 - 60,000+ parts)

What if you had access to hundreds of 3D Printers all located under one roof?

Skip the prototype mold!

And go straight from design to production.

3D Printing

See how our processes can save you time and money on volume production parts. Anything from 1 to 50,000 parts or more!

What we do:

Production 3D Printing

batches up to



plastic parts

* Contact us to see if your parts qualify for production runs over 50,000 units.

We specialize in


3D Printing

(Fused Deposition Modelling)

for Plastics production parts

Also known as FFF (Fused filament fabrication)

Start waiting


for your parts.

Instead of waiting months or more to get the same parts injection molded.

Start making your


production parts


Automotive parts aren't easy. They come with unique mechanical, technical, chemical, and quality requirements which vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. We get that, which is why we've focused on making it easy for you to transition your production parts back to North America from traditionally overseas manufacturing giving you more control over your parts.

Ask us about how your materials compare to the materials you're used to, or better yet, if we already stock your required materials!

Our Facilities


Production machines on site

(150 more on the way!)

We are scaling our facilities in Windsor to an excess of 10,000 machines by 2025 to make your parts faster.

Do your parts fit?

Your parts don't fit? Contact us today and see what your options for oversized parts are.

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of experience with production 3D Printing.

Our team of specialists have dedicated years to perfecting our craft, so you woudn't have to.

Our team of
specialists have
dedicated years of
time to perfecting
our craft, so you
won't have to.

Largest production run of



of a single, unchanged part.

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